Framework Translations

To make sure that as many people as possible can use the framework, it has originally been developed in English. To aid international cooperation and communication, as well as mobility for learners and staff, English language proficiency has also been identified as one of the key zookeeper competencies. However, for those who are not yet comfortable using the English version of the framework, the framework is being translated into several different languages. Links to translated versions of the framework will be added here as soon as they are ready.

The framework translated into Polish 11/10/2018
The framework translated into Lithuanian 02/11/2018
The framework translated into Romanian 25/11/2018
The framework translated into Croatian expected beginning of 2019
The framework translated into Russian expected beginning of 2019
The framework translated into French expected beginning of 2019

To facilitate translation, the complete framework  can be downloaded as a Word document. This document was updated with the latest version of the framework on 18/10/2018.

The EPZQF team would like to thank all volunteers who have contributed to the translation of the framework.
Please be aware that the framework is a living document, which is being updated and revised from time to time. Translated versions of the framework will therefore always have a date stamp marking the version of the framework that was used for the translation. The EPZQF team is not responsible for the quality of the translations.