1.3 Management

As zookeepers progress through their careers they may be required to recruit and then manage small teams. It is essential for the effective operation of their organisations that they do this effectively and that they can make the most of their team’s performance. In particular, they should develop competencies in the following areas:

  • Recruitment: zookeepers recruit, select and keep colleagues to support the performance of their organisation (level 2 and 3 only).
  • Team Management: zookeepers manage the performance of a small team of people.
  • Setting and Achieving Objectives: zookeepers understand how their work fits within their organisation’s plan and develop appropriate objectives to meet strategic goals (including mission and masterplan).
Zookeepers working at Competent level can: Zookeepers working at Proficient level can: Zookeepers working at Expert level can:
1.3.1 Recruitment n/a Participate in the recruitment and selection process, as agreed, making sure that the process is fair, consistent and effective (e.g. by giving input for job descriptions or person specifications, reviewing applications, providing feedback on applicants at assessments, etc.)
Deliver appropriate, pre-developed induction and support programmes for new colleagues
Demonstrate awareness of their institution’s HR legislation and/or recruitment policies
Review, on a regular basis, the work required in their area of responsibility, identifying any shortfall in the number of colleagues and/or the pool of skills knowledge, understanding and experience
Consult with others to discuss and agree stages in the recruitment and selection process for identified vacancies, the methods that will be used, the associated timings and who is going to be involved
Make sure that applicants who are offered positions are likely to be able to perform effectively and work with their new colleagues
Evaluate the success of any recent recruitments
Plan and develop appropriate induction and support programmes for new colleagues
1.3.2 Team Management Describe the different roles within their team and the contribution they make to the team, also differentiating between, staff, students and volunteers as members of the team Explain how to select and successfully apply different methods for encouraging, motivating and supporting people and recognising achievement
Explain why it is important that individuals and/or teams are briefed on allocated work and the standard or level of expected performance and how to do so effectively
Describe how they monitor team performance, how they provide prompt and constructive feedback to individuals and/or teams and the actions they would take to manage underperformance
Demonstrate that they constantly seek to improve team performance and reflect regularly on their own and others’ experiences, and use these to inform future action
Explain different leadership styles and when they are most effective
1.3.3 Setting and Achieving Objectives Describe the vision and values of the organisation
Collaborate with more senior staff to set personal objectives and/or objectives for the team
Understand how to identify and take due account of health and safety plus equality of opportunity in the planning, allocation and monitoring of work
Describe how to produce a plan of work for their area of responsibility, including how to identify any priorities or critical activities and the available resources
Explain how to set objectives within their area of responsibility and how to communicate that to their team
Describe Describe the principles and methods of short to medium term planning
Demonstrate the development of SMART (Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-Related) objectives and how they have been assigned
Describe how to plan for and manage risks
Contribute appropriately, when asked, to the development of organisational plans


Paths to fulfilment

  • Zookeepers working at level 1 – UK NVQ/SVQ level 2 Management
  • Zookeepers working at level 2 – UK NVQ/SVQ level 3 Management
  • Zookeepers working at level 3 – UK NVQ/SVQ level 4 Management

Last updated: 20/06/2018