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EAZA Academy Course: Exhibit Design and Planning

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EAZA Academy Course: Re-evaluating animal training

Re-evaluating animal training – are we maximising welfare potential?

EAZA Academy Course: Feeding meat and fish

Feeding meat and fish: quality, nutrition, and presentation

EAZA Annual Conference 2018

EAZA Annual Conference 2018

For the third year in a row, the EAZA Annual Conference will feature a special open session dedicated to the EPZQF. During this session the final outcomes of the EPZQF project will be presented.

EPZQF Multiplier Event

Keep up: What can EPZQF do for you?

During this one-day event we will share the results of the EPZQF project with a wider audience.
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EAZA Annual Conference 2017 Emmen

EAZA Annual Conference 2017

A special session dedicated to the EPZQF. In this session, participants will be introduced to the newly-published EPZQF, updated on the project’s progress and future plans for development. Participants will explore different ways the framework can be used to support professional development of zookeepers. Participants will also learn how they can contribute to the future development of the framework.

Professional Development for Zookeepers workshop participants July 2017

Workshop: Professional Development for Zookeepers

Training event exploring how the European Professional Zookeeper Qualification Framework (EPZQF) can be used to underpin the training of keepers.

EAZA Annual Conference 2016 Belfast

EAZA Annual Conference 2016

An interactive session dedicated to the Zookeeper Competency Framework.