Zooquaria #99

EPZQF article in Winter Zooquaria

The latest issue of EAZA’s quarterly magazine Zooquaria is now available and features an article titled ‘Training the keepers: How the European Professional Zookeeper Qualification Framework can help to close the skills gap across our community’.

EPZQF logo

Promotional video

Our new promotional video is ready! Check it out to learn more about EPZQF. And don’t forget to join the EPZQF team at the EAZA conference for an update on how the project is going – we’re excited to share our progress with you all!

EAZA Annual Conference 2017 Emmen

EAZA Annual Conference 2017 session in Emmen

For the second year in a row, the EPZQF will have its own dedicated session at the EAZA Annual Conference. On Friday 22 September all conference delegates are invited to join us for an introduction to the newly-published EPZQF and the latest updates on the project’s progress and future plans for development. 

Professional Development for Zookeepers workshop participants July 2017

EPZQF stories, part 1

During a 5-day workshop at Chester Zoo, participating zoo professionals responsible for recruiting, training and developing zookeepers were asked to have a critical look at the draft framework and give their feedback. What do they think of it? Would they consider it a useful tool? How would they recommend using it?